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Our affiliate program is simply the best out there. Read below to find out why and get started in 3 easy steps and watch instant Perfectmoney or Skrill payments start to show up in your daily reports!

No minimum threshold

Most affiliate programs have a certain limit to reach in affiliate earnings before cashout. Here at Winners Gold Casino this isn't the case. The minimum is $0,05 which basically means there is NO minimum because you'll earn 5 cents easily in a few seconds after you refer an active player and they make their first deposit.

Withdraw any time you want

Another feature that no other online affiliate program will provide is Instant payments that you can request 24/7 as many times you want whenever you want! Simply click on withdraw and the money will be transferred to your favorite e-currency account in seconds.

No negative balance

Other online casino affiliate programs may leave you with negative balance. This will never happen in winners gold casino because we got you covered! You'll never have a negative balance - that's our promise!

How much will I earn?

There is absolutely no limit! We have affiliates who are withdrawing $100+ USD many times per day and we have affiliates who withdraw $5 per month. It's simple - the more you promote our casino, the more you will earn because we will give you 15% of our casino profits. And because of our special casino system you don't need to refer losers to our casino. Even if your referrals win - you still make some money!!

As you can see we are the best online casino affiliate program with no minimum cashout limit and thus we have no need to offer you special bonuses or things like that in order to lure in new affiliates.

Getting started in 3 easy steps

1. Register with your name and email address

2. Go to members menu and click on "profile"

3. Grab your referral link and start promoting!

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Earn instant Perfectmoney and Skrill payments by promoting Winners Gold Casino! You will earn 15% of our casino profits and you can instantly withdraw your affiliate commissions whenever you want! Read more...